Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:04

Killing Mold w/ Remote

How can I do get rid of black mold in my bathroom? Are there people who have had success are doing it for rooms?

I would have liked to be able to pay to have mold removed but being retired and living on social security, that simply was not an option. And since not taking baths is also not an option, grin - one of the first things I did when I got my first XM generators was to scrape mold off the tub and put it in a remote. Within 3 days the mold was gone and has not returned, that's been over a year ago now! Granted, the safest way to handle mold is to let the pro's do it, but that's not always possible.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:02

Nerve Healing

Nerve Healing, Nerve Healing 2, Stimulate Repair Nerve Damage for my friend with nervous system damage. Just use \Shell (Empty) Presets\Remote\Healing (R) - JW preset.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 14:43

Spooky2 Biofeedback Strategy Notes

Biofeedback Scan / All - top 20 hits

  1. Run graded Scans on programs you think you need

  2. Only keep the best ones

  3. Run Optimize on the best ones to fine tune them to the exact freq

Any hits that are from targets that respond better to a frequency outside the scan range, are hit by octal harmonics.

Any frequency doubled, or a power of 2, shared common properties. They for one, share common nodal points (the area where a frequency crosses 0).

This is like all C notes on a piano, each are double or 1/2 of the previous note. Since 76000 resonates every other nodal point of 152000, something at 152000 will still be targeted by 76000, only it will take more energy to produce similar results.

While some hits may be a result of a frequency outside of the scan range, and would respond better if you used that specific frequency, the fact that it registered as a top 20 out of 3800 frequencies means the resonance was still significant and use of the scanned frequency will still produce good results.

After scanning and applying the default range of 76k to 152k for some time, you may wish to try other octal ranges. For instance, you could scan 800 kHz to 1.6 MHz, using a step size of 200 to try your hand at this range.

If you are using a sine wave to scan, your hits are for the frequency scanned, and only the frequency scanned. You are then free to use any waveform you wish to apply, which will induce other harmonics. You are at least still producing the fundamental frequency your scan indicated did actual work.

If you use a different waveform to scan, you will want to use the same waveform to apply the results, as then you have no idea if the hit was for the frequency scanned, or from a harmonic from the waveform used to scan. Use of another waveform thus may not produce the same frequency that resulted in the hit, and end up wasting your time.

Friday, 05 December 2014 17:34

Product Review: Berkey Water Filter

We have been using our Royal Berkey Water Filter for 10 months now, and I wanted to post some quick feedback.

Where we live, most of our neighbors have well water.  Our place is one of the "lucky few" to have city water.  So, when people used to come over and drink our tap water, they usually made "that face."  They tasted the chlorine right away.

Friday, 05 December 2014 17:03

Why I Switched to Prepaid Cell Phone Service

I recently switched my cell phone plan over to a prepaid plan after learning that standard cell phone contracts in the US (post-paid) are extremely common, while in Europe, prepaid plans dominate.  

I did some math to find out why all the fuss...

Sunday, 02 November 2014 07:22

[SOLVED] Cat Pees Outside the Litter Box

I just got done reading another thread online about people discussing having their cat put to sleep because it pees outside the litterbox, and had to share my insight.  We've been around the block with our cat's "marking" issues... when it started, we had a contractor at the house every day (building our bathroom) and we figured the cat was simply stressed out because her safe zone was violated.  We bought different litter boxes, cleaned them constantly, tried different litters... none of this worked.

When we first brought her to the vet, she had 'crystals' in her urine, and we switched to a higher quality food, designed for urinary tract problems. 

Then, we tried spraying "something" that makes the cat think that she already marked that area (according to the vet)....

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 14:33

My PGP Key

In order to allow for safer electronic communication, I've finally set up my own PGP encryption for sending email. 

Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back.
"Mass surveillance is illegitimate. I'm taking steps to take my freedoms back and I expect governments and corporations to follow in my footsteps and take steps to stop all mass government surveillance."

Below is my PGP Key...

Monday, 24 February 2014 15:47


Here are some ideas of things you can try:

Edema 1 (CAFL) Edema 2 (CAFL) Edema and Swelling (CAFL) Edema Swelling (CAFL) Edema (ETDF)

Swelling Edema 2 (XTRA) Swelling Legs & Feet (XTRA) Swelling (CAFL) Swelling (XTRA)

Kidney Insufficiency

Detox and Lymphs (CAFL) Detox and Lymphs (XTRA) Detox Lymphs (XTRA)

Lymph Drain Circulation (XTRA) Lymph Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA) Lymph Stasis (CAFL) Lymph Support (CAFL) Lymphangitis (CAFL)

Monday, 24 February 2014 14:46

Spooky2: Things to Remember

Things to remember when using

  1. Do not use Spooky Remote MN for too long.

  2. Do not mix DNA samples together in Spooky Remote without isolation.

  3. Do not use 100% offset for contact mode.

  4. Do not put TENS pads above the neck and keep them away from the heart.

  5. Do not use contact mode if you have pacemaker or electrode implants.

  6. Do not use more than one contact accessory on your body at a time.

  7. Do not use a PEMF coil if you have a pacemaker other electronic implants.

  8. Never shine the light of cold lasers directly into your eyes.

  9. Do not use cold lasers over any cancerous spots or your thyroid.

  10. Only use an approved 5v power supply for your Spooky2-XM generator.

  11. Do not press the buttons on a running generator.

  12. Do not run the same program on different generators at the same time. Stagger the programs by at least 5 minutes

  13. Only use plasma presets for Spooky Central.

  14. Never disconnect any plugs while Spooky Central is powered on - always switch SpookyCentral off first, then disconnect.

  15. Make sure you run a detox program when you run a killing program. Otherwise, a Herxheimer reaction - nausea, joint/lower back pain, etc -may ensue. If so, runHerxheimer - DB in the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol.

  16. Keep Spooky Equipment out of the reach of children.

Check polarity first?

Sunday, 24 February 2013 15:02


I ran CAFL frequencies for Abdominal inflammation, Inflammation General and Intestines Inflammation using H-bomb square waves and the boost cable.

Please try Liver & Kidney sets, along with Detox on a different M/c.

Hemorrhoids (CAFL)

Hemorrhoids 1 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 2 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 3 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 4 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids Piles (XTRA)

\Shell (Empty) Presets\Remote\Healing (R) - JW

You could try also:

Circulatory stasis CAFL

Circulation Stimulate Normalized XTRA (this is Bruce Stenulson's)

Varicose veins ETDFL

Varicoses 1 CAFL

Varicoses 2 CAFL

A friend of mine reported improvement when using these freqs:


The recommended setting for tens pad placement is one pole to two tenspads located at the very beginning of the legs (near the problem area), and the other pole to a tens pad located over the belly (a little below it).


Also consider sets for circulation and varicose veins as that is what a hemorrhoid is.

Fruit acids in the diet could aggrivate the Hemis, if there is pain/inflammation. Colloidal silver cream is very useful to maintain low inflammation.

I've been using this particular setup for a while now, I've had the GeekDesk for over a year, and the Aeron chair for 5 months.  My favorite part is, as you can imagine, using them together.  I've got a bulging disc in my lower back, so I figured there'd probably be a lot of people who are looking for relief for similar types of issues.

Update Summer 2016: If you are researching a standing desk to alleviate lower back pain, please read my recent article describing my initial chiropractic visits!

Update 9/19/16: I recently helped a client get their Geek Desk set up and rearrange their office, and I have another testimonial to share:
"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for telling Michael about your desk, and for helping him to get his new desk, and all the computer stuff hooked up!  Without you, he would not have this new chance at less back pain."

Friday, 24 February 2012 15:05

Joint Inflammation

Terrain Protocol - BY

Healing and Regeneration - DB (7 days)

David Halliday Experimental Presets DH1 through DH6 (12 hours)

Zinc Sulphate MW

Spine Problem A+432 XTRA

Joint Inflammation XTRA

Mickies Majic Three XTRA

Immune System Stabilisation XTRA

Turpentine MW

Autoimmune Disorders CAFL

Song of the spine


These are the programs I run in a Remote Healing JW preset 24/7 on one XM. You can also run them in Spooky Cold Laser (L) preset.

Joint Inflammation (CAFL)

Joint Inflammation (XTRA)

Inflammation 1 (XTRA)

Inflammation 2 (XTRA)

Inflammation Bone (XTRA)

Inflammation General (CAFL)

Inflammation (KHZ)

Joint Inflammation (CAFL)

Joint Inflammation (XTRA)

Abdominal Inflammation (CAFL)

Consider osteoarthritis and arthritis programs in healing preset.

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