Friday, 24 February 2012 15:05

Joint Inflammation

Terrain Protocol - BY

Healing and Regeneration - DB (7 days)

David Halliday Experimental Presets DH1 through DH6 (12 hours)

Zinc Sulphate MW

Spine Problem A+432 XTRA

Joint Inflammation XTRA

Mickies Majic Three XTRA

Immune System Stabilisation XTRA

Turpentine MW

Autoimmune Disorders CAFL

Song of the spine


These are the programs I run in a Remote Healing JW preset 24/7 on one XM. You can also run them in Spooky Cold Laser (L) preset.

Joint Inflammation (CAFL)

Joint Inflammation (XTRA)

Inflammation 1 (XTRA)

Inflammation 2 (XTRA)

Inflammation Bone (XTRA)

Inflammation General (CAFL)

Inflammation (KHZ)

Joint Inflammation (CAFL)

Joint Inflammation (XTRA)

Abdominal Inflammation (CAFL)

Consider osteoarthritis and arthritis programs in healing preset.

We have been using our Napoleon 1402 wood-burning insert in our home for over 1 year and 7 cords of wood.  The stove is able to heat our entire home (~1800 square feet) down to about 30 degrees (F); below this, and the propane needs to kick in to help out.  The stove typically runs at between 300 and 500 degrees (F), and we leave the blowers on high at all times.

Overall, very happy with the stove.  We had it cleaned and the flue liner did not have any "bad" creosote in it, meaning that the insert kept burning at a high temperature and stayed fairly clean.  About once a week, I open up the damper and let it get nice and hot for an hour or so... just as a maintenance thing.  Here is a photo of inside the firebox, after removing the baffles.  You'll also see that some of the bricks were cracked, probably from trying to cram logs in that were a little too large (16" firewood is what you want with this particular stove).

I'm a firm believer that you can learn something from anyone.  So last week, when I had the opportunity to discuss a web site project with someone, I decided to hear him out.  After talking with him for 15 minutes, I realized that this was a startup that I simply wanted nothing to do with.  Here are a few "common sense" things to keep in mind when trying to raise capital through venture capitalists (aka angel investors):

Thursday, 23 September 2010 15:10

Ode to my Jeeps (off topic)

[Edit: This content used to be up on my old site, but I sold the domain and took the site down.  Just found the old content on my hard drive...]

This page is dedicated to my Jeep addiction.  I'm not much of a Wrangler guy, I prefer the cherokee because it uses the renowned engine and drivetrain from the wrangler but it is more functional to me, with more cargo space and a longer wheelbase.  My first jeep was a '90XJ with a 3" rusty's suspension lift that you can read all about on this site.  I sold her when she needed to much work to keep street legal, then about a year later i picked up the red one you see above.  I have been very busy picking away at her, she needed a new floor welded in just to pass inspection and i have since added the roof-top tire carrier and a new radiator and a few other odds and ends you can check out on this site.  Enjoy your stay!

Thursday, 23 September 2010 14:58

Ode to my first car: 1990 Honda CRX

[Editor's Note: This was on my old web site, which I sold the domain name a few years back.  Re-posting]

This is my 1990 Honda CRX si.  Originally y-49 Barbados Yellow, I had her painted black and proceeded to get addicted to everything about it - the size, economy, power, and handling.  I had to sell it because the rear wheel-wells were rusting out and had already been "fixed" twice.

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    - President Dwight Eisenhower

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