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Using Ivermectin to Treat Internal Parasites in Humans

Using Ivermectin to Treat Internal Parasites in Humans

I've always found it interesting that in America, we de-worm our puppies but not our children.  I've researched a drug called Ivermectin, which is available for livestock at your local Tractor Supply.  I reached out to a naturopath who discussed Ivermectin on a podcast I had seen, and asked him for clarification.  Below is his response - I haven't tried this yet but I'm wondering if anyone else has and can chime in:


I found Ivermectin at my local Tractor Supply but it's only available in "pour on" (the skin) type for cattle and "injectable" for sheep, if I recall correctly.  In your video you made it seem like it was something humans can take orally. Can you please clarify? Are they all the same product and just labelled differently?

Also weren't you saying something about it being invented by the japanese military?

I found some similar information but I'm wondering if you have any sources that could provide clarity.

Thanks in advance!



The injectable is also an oral, same dose, 1 ml per 100 lbs, 0.5 ml per up to 50lb.   You can get the hypodermics to draw the injectable at Tractor Supply.    Measure it out and squirt it into water, juice, coffee, nearly any beverage.  It was Japanese pharmacologists not the military that invented the Ivermectin and that tested it on humans.  The UN WHO hales it as having saved millions of human lives in the tropics.  
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