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Connecting the dots between stress, pain, cancer, and chronic illnesses.

Consider the muscles in your neck between your head and right shoulder.


I’ve been using this visualization technique to help me with stretching my neck, shoulders, back, lower back, and hips. I’ve found that I am better able to “click” things back into position, like I’m my own chiropractor. I imagine that all of the muscles in my body are a series of rubber bands. Sometimes, the rubber band ties itself in a knot, or slips out of position. A common one is in your neck / shoulder area, when a particular muscle should be on top or side of your shoulder socket and switches to the opposite.



{slide=Stress & Pain}

a. Stress & Pain

Caused by thoughts (tension), trauma, and / or toxins:



When you encounter pain while stretching, at the point in your motion that you start feeling it, think of this as your body’s indication point at which you need to push through, power through the pain. But as you are likely aware, the pain is too much, so you say to yourself “I’ll try again tomorrow.” Tomorrow turns into next week, next month, next year, as you learn to live with the pain.



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b. Muscular Configurations


Let’s take a specific muscle and use it as an example: your right shoulder. When you have a knot in your muscle (caused by dehydration, stress, tension, or if you pulled it), there will be trickle-down effects throughout your body. Your left shoulder will compensate, and you’ll feel it up your neck. Your hips and knees will also become involved if the issue isn’t resolved quickly.


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c. Adrenal Fatigue


Once your body has been in a state of imbalance for some time, your hypothalamus put your body in “fight or flight” mode, which tells your adrenal glands to pump. Some people refer to this as “brain fog.” I wonder how many people are diagnosed with “chronic fatigue syndrome” and then stop searching for the root cause of their issue! For me, Lyme disease corresponded with an extremely tired adrenal system. I wound up getting 15 intra-muscular shots of embryonic cells from a pig (stem cell therapy). Combined with my anti-inflammation diet, I lost around 30 pounds in 6 months, which helped to greatly speed my recovery.


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d. Cancer & Chronic Illnesses


At some point, the knots in your back / neck will reduce the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, and energy to the corresponding parts of your body. I know this first-hand, because I’ve had my tonsils (age 5) and appendix (age 25) surgically removed. When energy flows freely, your body is an amazing healing machine. It can eliminate toxins, pollution, parasites, and bacteria.  Cancer is caused by a build-up of inflammation in the tissues, which can also be eliminated by a healthy body.  

"We go to a doctor looking for wellness while the doctor is only looking for illness... Your body is not low on pharmaceutical drugs.” (Clive De Carle)


{slide=Best Solution? Proper Hydration, Quality Food}

e. Best Solution? Proper Hydration, Quality Food




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0 #2 Nate Covington 2019-10-29 08:55
@Deb - The tonsils were removed when I was less than 10 years old. And the appendix was in my 20's, probably more around the time my Lyme flared up. Most likely both are related more to stress and muscle tension but perhaps the Lyme made things worse.

I'm pretty confident if I could have gone back and "coached" myself during these surgeries I could have avoided them altogether and kept all of my original organs.
0 #1 Deb 2019-06-10 13:49
Thank you for this post. I have an appt with Dr Cinelli in July. Ate you saying you needed the tonsils and appendix removed to heal. Or that those organs were affected by stress and muscle tension?
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