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Carrier Frequency How-To

Using a carrier frequency allows for the frequency to penetrate further into your body, however with some risk.  For this kind of 100% offset waveform, you must not do a contact treatment for for than 7 minutes. Then take a break for at least 21 minutes, before doing another contact treatment. If you don't take these breaks, you may burn yourself. 

XM Generator Instructions - try this on the Settings tab:

  1. Click the Restore Defaults button
  2. Set Amplitude of Out 1 and Out 2 to 20 V3. F2=F1 X 128, tick "Modulate F2 using F1 (Pure AM SSD)"

For this kind of 100% offset waveform, you must not do a contact treatment for for than 7 minutes. Then take a break for at least 21 minutes, before doing another contact treatment. If you don't take these breaks, you may burn yourself.



(XM Generator Instructions - Older Model)

If you want to have a carrier for the XM, here is an example for a dynamic carrier:

Start with \Shell (Empty) Presets\Remote\Healing (R) - JW.

  1. Set to amplitude to 20

  2. Check the F2=F1 X Hz option

  3. Set Hz factor to 128

  4. Choose the "Modulate F2 using F1 (AM DSB)"



The Hz factor can be any value up to 512. I personally think powers of 2 work better (ie 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512), because they equally divide into the 1024 point in a arbitrary waveform.

This setting can be used on remote or contact, however for remote, it is not necessary, because the remote can deeply penetrate your whole body, unlike the contact which needs higher frequencies.

For example will 432 hz work ok? Found in research done pertaining to the electrical grid and how it was purposefully based on a disharmonious frequency. According to the research it was intentional and incorporated into international standards but also says 432 is a harmonious frequency.

Rife also used contact mode later on, SO running the sweep 100Hz to 150,000Hz with CONTACT pads for application seems to be what Rife himself would do. Of course he would add a 3.1MHz Carrier Wave in order to penetrate cellular nucleus when running in contact mode and frequencies below 1000Hz! This is not needed for plasma.


See attached screenshots below in the gallery - see also:


Editor's Note: Not sure if these work but there is a really good discussion on the Spooky2 forum about it:

If anyone has feedback regarding methods, efficacy, etc... please share!



How to Reduce the Risk of Getting COVID-19 Infection Using Spooky2

(from the Spooky2 blog)

How Do I Choose a Specific Strain of Coronavirus?

Right now, if you are upgraded to the latest databases from John White's personal website, you will notice there are 28 strains of the Corona virus. You find this by searching for wuhan, then choosing Severe acute (Image 1).

Choose a "Killing Preset" and use the remote.  There are options for contact mode but more complicated.  


Friday, 07 February 2020 11:07

"Healy Resonance" vs. Spooky2

I had someone reach out to me about the Healy Resonance device, a frequency-oriented piece of hardware that communicates with your smart phone that's supposed to be able to treat various aspects and parts of your body. 

Here is what they said:


I stumbled upon your website and article about biofeedback and Spooky2 generator. I'm interested to know if you're still using Spooky2 and how you're finding it?

I've been doing a lot of research on vibrational frequency and have come across a vibrational frequency device which is far more advanced than Spooky2 on many levels. There is actually nothing like it out there in the market.

The Spooky2 device uses the Rife Frequencies which are also included in this professional system. But the Rife Frequencies are only about 4,000, whereas this system uses are 144,000.

The main difference between all normal frequency devices and this device, is that the frequencies are measured and delivered in real time in your bioenergetic field, thanks to a unique and patented quantum sensor. Every 10 seconds, it analyses the frequency you need from different bandwidths, for example 0 – 1 kHz and applies them in real time, This makes is possible to have a very specific frequency application.

I see your passion and interest in this field so felt compelled to share as I this device really can change lives. Please let me know if you would like more information and I'd be happy to share a short video with you.



This was my response:


I don't think you know what you're talking about, because the Spooky "includes" a lot more than 4000 frequencies.  But I'm interested...



An hour later they write back:


That was my understanding but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Here's a fantastic introductory video and a great place to start. https://youtu.be/UJVtqaZrEsc

There's a lot more information but perhaps start there and if you'd like to know more, I can then share additional information with you.



Intrigued, I did some research:

The Healy device goes up to 1MHZ:

The Spooky2 Generator X runs up to 40MHZ


In summary, I do not believe the Healy device, being battery operated, is going to have enough power to produce a clean signal at a meaningful power level.  The original Spooky2 Generator (XM) has more power than the Healy.  For more information about Spooky2's power output, click here and scroll down to the section titled "Frequency Range."    


This video demonstrates how to run a biofeedback "program" on yourself using the Spooky2 software.  Note that this assumes that you have already run the actual biofeedback scan and it is saved as a program in your Spooky2 library.  

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 15:02

Spooky2 Reverse Lookup Tutorial

First, what I am about to discuss is not medical advice. I am not saying that any of this can cure, treat, or heal you from disease. I am not a doctor. I am not a medical professional, the following information is provided for “entertainment purposes.”

This video demonstrates how to use the "Reverse Lookup" feature in the Spooky2 software.  In the video you will learn two ways of doing a reverse lookup: one is on an exissting Biofeedback scan that you ran on yourself and saved in a previous biofeedback session.  The other technique shows how you can load ANY program into the Control tab and perform a reverse lookup.  

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 15:01

Spooky2 Generator X Biofeedback Tutorial

First, what I am about to discuss is not medical advice. I am not saying that any of this can cure, treat, or heal you from disease. I am not a doctor. I am not a medical professional, the following information is provided for “entertainment purposes.”

This video demonstrates how to use the Spooky2 software to run a "Biofeedback" scan on yourself.  This would normally be done using contact mode and TENS pads on either side of your gut, because your gut is typically the starting point for any healing.  You can also put the TENS pads on a specific area of your body but never above the neck or near your heart.  

I recently came across an article with the following title:
Mathematical Structure for Electromagnetic Frequencies that May Reflect Pilot Waves of Bohm’s Implicate Order (Read More and download the original article under Attachments)

While I agree that it is quite a mouthful, there was a diagram 7 pages into the article that lists out a series of frequencies that are marked “beneficial” and “detrimental."

If I’m understanding this correctly, the “beneficial frequencies” ought to be frequencies that should help “tune up” your cells, get them vibrating correctly.

First, what I am about to discuss is not medical advice. I am not saying that any of this can cure, treat, or heal you from disease. I am not a doctor. I am not a medical professional, the following information is provided for “entertainment purposes.”

Note that this video demonstrates the 20180601 version of the software.

General Description: What is Biofeedback?
It uses computerized biofeedback to measure subtle reactive patterns during the assessment and “feeds back” information to aid and entrain the body to regulate itself. It works by reducing the stresses on a body at the electro-magnetic level caused by toxins, food, environment, genetics and lifestyle. You use the computer send frequencies (signals) to the body to open up the energy flow, while stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms, and returning the body to homeostasis- natural state of equilibrium. Establishing an energy balance eliminates the primary causes for the emergence of diseases and releases very therapeutic effects. The entire process is safe, gentle, and non-invasive.

Following up on my "Why I bought a Spooky2 Frequency Generator" post, I found the following recent article promising.

Based on what I've been studying, this "entanglement" gives the Spooky2 Generator the ability to transmit frequencies remotely using your DNA.  

Albert Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance.” 
Modern physics calls it "quantum entanglement.”
Nikola Tesla called it ether (aether) theories. 

Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ spotted in objects almost big enough to see

One of the strangest aspects of quantum physics is entanglement: If you observe a particle in one place, another particle—even one light-years away—will instantly change its properties, as if the two are connected by a mysterious communication channel. Scientists have observed this phenomenon in tiny objects such as atoms and electrons. But in two new studies, researchers report seeing entanglement in devices nearly visible to the naked eye.

Saturday, 24 February 2018 15:48

Hulda Clark Preset

Just copy it to the User Presets directory. On most Windows installs it will be at "C:\Spooky2\Preset Collections\User\". Just drop it in there and it will show up in your Users preset in Spooky. The first time you click on it, it may run through a process where it updates the preset to work with Spooky and you'll be asked to click on it again to use it. But that's a one time thing if it happens at all.

Saturday, 24 February 2018 15:45


In general you want to work backwards with detoxing your organs: Colon, Kidneys, Liver.  


If you are sensitive or will herx easily, we suggest using Detox Maintenance (R) - JK.

The detox pathways are:


Lymphatic system



Consider programs for supporting the lymphatic system:

Lymph Drain Circulation

Lymph Stimulation

Lymph Mover

Lymph Stasis

Lymph Support

Lymph Glands

Provide support also for:



Adrenal Gland - may also play a role as a lymph detox pathway.

Hope this helps.


Saturday, 24 February 2018 15:00

Improve Eyesight

There is a preset under Heal \ Remote called "Eyesight To Improve (R) - JK"

It includes the following programs:

Eyesight to Improve (XTRA)

Vision Acuity (CAFL)

Floaters (KHZ)

Retinal Detachment (KHZ)

I would also add in the following:

Regeneration and Healing 1

Regeneration and Healing

Regeneration and Healing

Tissue Healing and Regeneration

I would also investigate supplemental nutrients for the eye.


(Recipe 2)

I have run "Eyesight To Improve (R) - JK" (Heal\Remote Preset) and found it helpful, but being a tinkering guy I supplemented that preset with some more programs. Within a short time I felt benefit of my custom set having a clearer, sharper vision and my eyes do not tire as easily as before by watching the tiny display on my mobile phone.

Details of my custom set:

XM generator with Spooky Booster + v1.1 Remote

Eye help (Cust)

Healing Shell (R) – JW


Refractive Errors (ETDF)

Astigmatism (ETDF)

Diplopia (ETDF)

Vision Acuity (CAFL)

Vision Disorders (ETDF)

Vision Poor (CAFL)

Hyperopia (ETDF)

Cataract (ETDF)

Optic Nerve Diseases (KHZ)

Macular Degeneration Visual Acuity (XTRA)

Eye Floaters (XTRA)

Floaters (ETDF)

Total Run Time: 6:00 (runs continuously). It has been running now 138 hours.


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