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DIY Shed / Greenhouse Project (Made with real lumber)

A few years ago, my wife and I decided that we wanted to build a greenhouse so that we could start working towards self-sufficiency while eating healthier food.  We also needed a storage shed, for storing garden tools, food for our livestock, bales of hay, and the like.  

I started researching various methods of building greenhouses, ranging from inexpensive plastic hoop tunnels to the pre-built kits made from metal tubing and glass panels.  I also reviewed storage solutions like shipping containers, pre-built sheds you can buy from major retailers, and amish-style pole barns.  

The solution was to combine both the greenhouse and storage shed into a single building with the roof of the shed being taller than the greenhouse.  The idea is that the shared wall between the two buildings can be insulated, so that one wall (north side) of the greenhouse isn’t exposed to wind.  The other strategy is that with the greenhouse roof being somewhat low to the ground, it’ll hold the heat in closer to the ground (think along the lines of a “walapini”).  I also built it at the lowest point on my property, with the hope of retaining ground moisture in and around the greenhouse.  

{slide=Clearing Land}

So we started!  We harvested a few trees (used for firewood) to clear an area for the new building.  

Tip: We used our pigs to help clear the rocks and roots from the area.  They're like free excavators!  


{slide=Concrete Footings}

Measuring, Digging, and Mixing of Concrete Ensued



And we started the framing.  

A big thanks to Joe “Bebop” Stenson for helping with the framing.  Given that this is my first project of this nature, I didn't want to risk wasting any (expensive) lumber!      


{slide=Storage Loft}

The Loft




Siding is rough-cut pine lumber (1x10's) 


{slide=Greenhouse Paneling}

Polycarbonate Plastic Paneling: Greenhouse Roof and Walls

We ordered the plastic paneling in 12' and 8' lengths from Farmtek.  Particulars:


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